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possible motive. when tannessa taylor's body was found in pa tuck sent river state park, he had already lived a lifetime of anguish, lost her mother as a toddler, then at the age of 15 was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. >> something happened. she always had good grades. one day she [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: her brother keith carmichael says the wrong people took advantage of her. police say taylor got involved in prostitution and two of her associates, shannon watkins and casey boone are persons of interest. >> take a young girl who is very impressionable, it's easy for her to get swept off into that negative kind of lifestyle and unfortunately that's precisely what happened to her, and these are two people that she was involved in that with. >> reporter: investigators say
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unsubstantiated rumors were circulating that trailer provided information to police in a convenience store robbery last year. her life had been threatened. months before she was found, taylor suddenly stopped calling her family. >> she called me and that's what i -- i didn't think that was right because she calls every time. >> reporter: the teen died of blunt force trauma to the body. a hunter found her in march at the end of a windy dead end road in the woods. >> given the nature of where the location is, it would leave you with the impression that somebody would have to know it's there. >> reporter: she was last seen alive the first week of january. police say taylor was trying to change her life, earn a ged and become a veterinarian. >> i hope they be brung to justice. >> reporter: police still don't know exactly when or where taylor was killed. there is a $5000 reward or up to a $5000 reward being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction.
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taylor's family says that she didn't like to take her medication and that she had battled with mental illness for years. shawn. >> what about the two people of interest that you mentioned? do police have any leads on them? >> reporter: police are telling us that both shannon watkins and casey boone were involved in prostitution and that watkins, who is 34 years old, was known to frequent prince george's county as well as the alexandria virginia area. as for boone, she is 20 years old and was known to frequent the alexandria area. at this point police are not calling them suspects but persons of interest and say they may have information on this case and right now they want to find them and interview them. >> sherri ly reporting live for us. thank you. take a good look at this picture. prince george's county police need your help finding this man. they say he robbed an m&t bank in college park last thursday. if you recognize him, give police a call. you do not have to leave your name. a warning now to students
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at the university of maryland following yet another robbery just off campus. it happened early sunday morning in the parking lot of the college park shopping center on baltimore avenue. the victim says three young men came up behind him, attacked him and robbed him. there have been several robberies near campus in recent weeks. the latest victim is not a student. d.c. police detectives now have a person of interest in the murder of a 21-year-old woman. ashley mccray was found shot to death early saturday morning on bruce place southeast hours after leaving a northeast nightclub. fox 5's paul wagner joins us live from the newsroom with this story. >> reporter: laura, ashley mccray was last 16 by her sister leaving i beesa on first street northeast in the company of a man she has known for about a month or two. police found her clinging to life inside a car in the 2700 block of bruce place southeast. she had been shot once. medics rushed her to a nearby hospital where she died. at this hour police say they are focusing on an argument as the motive for the murder.
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>> and paul, we mentioned she had just left a club hours earlier. do we know if the argument started in the club and did she leave willingly? >> reporter: d.c. police say they are not sure when the argument began, laura. i talked with her sister and mother today and both said she had left the club on her own. >> i hear so many different stories, i can't say nothing about that until i talk to detectives. they know probably more than i know. i just know a friend of hers killed her. that's what the talk was about. i don't know why, anything. >> reporter: at this hour it's not clear if police have been in contact with this man. >> and tell us a little bit about ashley, what was she like? what do you know? >> reporter: her mother and others say she always had a smile on her face, she was one of four kids, she attended booker t. washington charter school and taking places at devry university, also working as a sales assistant at commander salamander clothing center in georgetown. >> she was a people's person. anybody could tell you that.
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you know what i'm saying? communicate well with people. you know what i'm saying? she liked working just, you know, working with the people and it's a job, you know, it's a recession right now so anybody needed one too, but she just loved working with people. >> reporter: will myers says ashley was looking forward to a party she was planning to go to saturday night. myers says he got the news about ashley's murder when he turned on his computer and logged onto facebook where he had as many as 50 messages. >> boy, what a tragedy for this family. how is ashley's mother holding up? >> reporter: deborah mccray told me there's one thought that is keeping from her falling apart right now. >> her smile, i see her smile. that's what is keeping me going, i keep seeing her smile. she had the prettiest smile in the world. >> reporter: at this hour police still investigating the case. there have been no arrests. >> paul wagner, thank you. hundreds of mourners gathered this morning to honor the life and legacy of civil
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rights pioneer dr. ronald walters. funeral services were held at shy low baptist church -- shiloh baptist church in d.c. he taught at howard university for 25 years before becoming director of the african- american leadership institute at the university of maryland. eleanor holmes norton today spoke about a roundtable walters led just one month ago. >> caused the decline because he was not hearing well. i prevailed on ron to come and lead the forum. there was simply no one who could do it as well. ron generously agreed to come and ron did not disappoint. >> he died of cancer on september 10th, he was 72 years old. the race for governor of maryland is still neck in neck. a new poll shows the rematch
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between martin o'malley and bob ehrlich is close. o'malley leading 50-47. among likely voters 3% still undecided. the poll allows for sampling error of 4%. well, it was a game the redskins let slip away. it was painful. squandering a big second half lead and then losing to the texans in overtime and tonight one redskin is strengthing his 40 cents -- venting his frustration as i'm sure many are. we are live. >> reporter: i know you're a redskins fan. they led by 17 points in the third quarter but the houston texans, a team that, you know, did very well, they beat the colts in week 1, scored 20 unanswered points and that really -- that victory, scoring the 20 unanswered winning in overanaheim, left the -- overtime, left the players and everybody stunned, especially the redskins players on the defense side of the ball. they didn't come through when they had to. just over two minutes left,
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redskins lead 27-20, texans facing a fourth and 10, schaub to andre johnson, 34-yard touchdown over reid doughty, tied the game and forced overtime. a miss from 52 yards out, neil rackers kicks the game winning 35-yard field goal to give the texans a 30-27 victory. today a frustrated deangelo hall was asked about johnson's game tying touchdown with two minutes left. >> wanted to win that battle anyway. that's a good receiver in this league and, you know, you would like the coverage to work out the way we designed it to work out, two guys going, got a chance to win, so like i said we will go back to the drawing board, won't happen like that again. andre johnson is out there, i'm going to be out there. >> you want guys that believe in themselves and guys that know they can get the job done. anytime you do have a ball that's thrown up in the air on 4th and 10 and don't come down with t obviously frustrating
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for those guys. >> reporter: good news for the redskins. offensive lineman trent williams, the big rookie, the guy in charge of protecting donovan's backside who left with an injured knee and toe had an mri. it was negative. coach doesn't know when he'll play again but he is encouraged he could play next week against st. louis. and laura more encouraging news. the dallas cowboys 0-2 and they have lost to 2nfc teams. at least the redskins, they lost one game but it was to a team in the afc. that is good news. 1-1. next week they travel to st. louis. >> feeling much better than we were this time last year. the man accused in a serial stabbing spree faces a judge again. we have your courtroom play by play from michigan coming up next. also ahead, fierce flames bringing train traffic to a stand still in new york. what investigators say caused this scene. developing right now, 44 inches of rain pounding china. a typhoon barelying through the country. we are going to take you along
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the damaged path. gary. hard to believe it could get any better around here than what we have had today. well, just wait until tomorrow. we will take a look at your first look at your complete forecast. it's all coming up. shawn. >> that's a great way to put a 13450eu8 on everyone's face -- smile on everyone's face. fox news at 5:00 is just getting started. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you.
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at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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new charges today against suspected serial stabber abuelazam. he's accused in a string of attacks. today he appeared in a flint, michigan courtroom to answer the four new charges, one count of murder and three counts of attempted murder. amy lang has the latest. >> reporter: abuelazam was already charged with intent to murder, add to that four more charges and a charge of murder. >> that is a felony offense under michigan law where you face life in prison. do you understand that penalty?
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>> yes, sir. >> reporter: wearing a pink jail jump son, charged with open murder. accused of stabbing and killing 49-year-old arnold miner. police say they have store surveillance video abuelazam's suv near the murder scene and found miner's blood in the car. >> we got no comment right now. we just glad to hear what we heard today. >> reporter: miner's relatives grateful for the news as is 17- year-old wilson, he was in court as abuelazam was charged with assault with intent to murder in his case. >> i almost died, you know. they had to revive me twice. i have 40 staples in my stomach. it's scary, you know. >> reporter: at home, wilson showed us his scars and says he's still in agonizing pain every day. >> and i do gonna ask him, like, why, you know, what went wrong? and, you know, the point where he has to just start stabbing
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innocent people. >> we suspect that he was preying on vulnerable african- american men, trying to take their lives and destroy them. >> reporter: prosecutor david leighton also charged abuelazam with assault with intent to murder devon rawls, bill fisher and richard booker. investigators say they still don't have a motive or other suspects in the cases and they are waiting on evidence to be analyzed at the michigan state police crime lab in four other murders abuelazam is suspected of committing. >> we will do everything we can to see these cases are one so that you can have the closure that you need and that way you can lock this fellow up forever because that's what justice requires. >> that was amy lang reporting and this case is far from over. abuelazam is suspected in three attacks in leesburg, virginia this year, two of them with a knife, the third with a hammer. all of the victims survived. they are also looking at abuelazam as a possible suspect in a deadly stabbing last year. following a massive fire underneath a new york bridge.
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the flames burning the wooden pilings under the 138th street bridge this afternoon. check out this thick plume of smoke coming from that area. the fire shut down commuter rail service between manhattan and the northern suburbs for more than two hours. the rail service was back up and running in time for tonight's rush-hour. investigators don't know what started the fire. a developing story out of utah, where a machine gun fire at a national guard rage sparked a huge wildfire. three homes destroyed. crews working to save other houses right now. they have made some progress containing the flames but they warn the fires could rage out of control when the winds pick up again tonight and then tomorrow. at least 1600 homes have been evacuated, some people barely had time to get out. >> i could hardly run to the car, i was so scared, so shaken and feel like i was going to pass out. >> firefighters believe the blaze covers about 3500 acres at this point, that's around six square miles.
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hurricane igor brush passed bermuda pounding the islands with rain and winds yesterday. most of the residents there are without power but officials say so far there are no reports of injuries or major property damage. fox's rick 11 tall -- leventhal filed this report. >> reporter: rain still blasting us here on the morning after hurricane igor blew into bermuda and about 80% of the island's 64,000 residents should not be relying on electrical alarm clocks to wake them up because that's how many are without power this morning. we have been told to stay off the roads. all residents being asked to stay indoors so that electric crews and police and fire officials can go out and assess whatever damages there may be to this island. we can show you the ocean today which is not as violent as it was throughout the day yesterday with high surf, 15- foot waves and higher and a storm surge that was bringing a lot of water onto shore and
5:18 pm
onto some of the platforms and balconies and terraces you might see down there, the splash from some of those waves was going all the way up to the condo railing some 70 feet above the ocean. the biggest concern here was storm surge and coastal flooding because hurricane igor had downgraded from a category 4 to a category 1 but it was still a very powerful storm, it lasted for several hours, the hurricane forced winds did. we certainly felt it here. this hotel was rocking and being pounded throughout the night but again, now the tropical storm force winds are hitting us, things are starting to subside and the people can get out and assess the damage. a much worse scene in china tonight. a powerful typhoon made landfall. it dropped 4 inches of rain in just hours. more than 100 people are hurt, thousands of others had to evacuate their home because of the threat of landslides. in taiwan, half of the island is flooded after the typhoon hit sunday.
5:19 pm
the storm was packing winds topping 100 miles per hour. we appreciate our weather here at home that much more. it's just perfect out there. >> absolutely beautiful today, gary. is this going to continue into tonight? >> into tonight and into tomorrow too. i mean, tomorrow is going to be pretty much a carbon copy of what we had today. >> awesome. >> might be a little bit cooler out there but real, real nice. then it looks like towards the middle part of the week and later on this week, something is going to come back that we have had a lot of this summer. we will talk about that coming up in the full forecast but right right now let me show you this is what high pressure will do for you. the only clouds we really see here are clouds from igor and that is well to the east and the northeast of us. we are very, very protected under high pressure and tonight this area of high pressure will set up basically right on top of us and with that in mind, with clear skies and with light wind we will have temperatures tonight dropping down, believe
5:20 pm
it or not, into the 40s, in the suburb. it looks like here overnight in town, we are going to have temperatures in the middle 50s and i suspect say gaithersburg out to leesburg and up to the northwest and basically all around the area here, temperatures will be able to get down, if not the low, low 50s, mid to upper 40s, so tomorrow morning will be very chilly out there to get up and go to work or school. 73 or so at 7:00, you can see clear skies this evening, temperatures dropping off into the 60s. so a beautiful day turns into a beautiful evening. a cold overnight and tomorrow we are going to do it all over again with lots of sunshine, low humidity and temperatures upper 70s and again, coming back mid to late next week, the heat comes back. bit with a vengeance too thursday and friday. >> we will enjoy tomorrow. if you're doing your best to eat healthy these days, chances are salmon is part of
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your diet. >> a fish packed with nutrients and fatty acids but how do you know what you're really eating? the fox 5 money team is breaking down the truth behind the labels at 454 4545 -- labels at 5:44. where you won't be able to use these e rig sets coming up -- ecigarettes coming up next. . ring ring. progresso.
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electronic cigarettes are advertised as a healthier alternative to regular smokes but the airlines still won't let them on board. all u.s. airlines have now band the use of e-cigarettes. some ads where smoking -- has pitched them on planes where using real cigarettes were prohibited. but they still give off a vapor other people could inhale. the number of deadly crashes blamed on cell phones, texting and other distractions is getting worse. deadly crashes associated with driving, distracted driving, jump from 10 to 60% from 2005
5:25 pm
to 2009. nearly 5500 people were killed in distracted driving crashes last year. the age group of 20 and under is the most affected. tomorrow the department of transportation will hold a distracted driving summit here in the district. fox 5's health alert tonight to pass along. more overweight teens are taking drastic measures to beat the budge. a new study found nearly 500 teens under the age of 18 had grass tick band surgery in california between 2005 and 2007. the operation isn't approved for anyone under 18. in gastric band surgery a surgeon places an adjustable band around the stomach which makes the patient feel full after eating less than usual. a new study has uncovered a possible link between the h1n1 virus and seizures. the study looked at two groups of children. those who had h1n1 and those who had the seasonal flu. researchers found those with h1n1 suffered more seizures and other nervous system problems
5:26 pm
than those who had the seasonal flu. well, of course we all know football season is back and from pop warner to the professionals, concussions are a risk for players. >> so what is being done right now to curb the threat? we are taking tough questions straight to the top next. and he is arguably one of the world's wealthiest men but tonight word bill gates won't be leaving his fortune to his kids. where with the billions go? keep it right here. fox 5 news at 5:00 is coming right back. 
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this is fox 5 news at 5:00. there could soon be a new law to protect your child from sports-related concussions. there were 400,000 diagnosed concussions in high school students between 2005 and 2008 and those kinds of injuries can affect the way teens think and function, not just academically but socially and emotionally, plus high school athletes who
5:30 pm
have one concussion are three times more likely to suffer another one and that is why lawmakers are proposing a new law. it would force students to stay on the sidelines until a doctor clears them to play. joining us now to talk about the concern is dr. gerard joya, the director of the safe concussion outcome recovery and education program or also known as score. dr. joya, thanks for being with us. why develop legislation about this? is it because the coaches and the players aren't looking out for the best health of the player? >> no. it's more because we have a knowledge deficit. this law really helps to put some rules in place and some accountability that allows us to better educate people as to what they should be looking for so that they can pull kids off the field and make sure that they are not going back until it's absolutely safe. >> is it that simple, the student gets injured, goes on the sideline or the player gets injured, goes on the sidelines, a doctor has to clear them?
5:31 pm
that's it? >> nothing is simple when it involves the brain and kids so this is an injury that really does require some education and some knowledge. part of the process here in this law is to mandate educate for coaches, for parents, for the student athletes and for schools, so that they are better able to understand the signs and symptoms and to provide them with materials such as the clipboard sticker that we have here that is provided by the cdc. this one is actually co branded with the u.s.a. football organization, although many others have as well, other organizations. it basically t the injury occur are the things you can look for and when in doubt, you sit that player out. >> could this measure have adverse implications? could it ultimately cause players to get up say, hey, i'm okay and get back in and keep playing despite their injury? >> well, quite honestly, that is what's happening now and what we don't have are
5:32 pm
individuals who can then identify when they are not okay and this will also make the point to the players themselves and their teammates about the risks of this injury to the brain, something you don't want to play around with and unfortunately some where we have had pretty bad outcomes. >> i know there are new helmets out. but are there other ways, preventative measures, other ways to keep these kids from getting hurt as often? >> the helmets are actually not as much a prevention. they may, obviously, help the youngster in terms of not sustaining skull fracture but really what we are trying to do is to educate individuals so that an -- educate the sports so that we coach kids more effectively, so that they are not putting themselves in risky situations, also we are trying to help kids understand that their conditioning and neck strength is very important but this is still an area of study that we need to look at but we think there may be some ways to prevent this injury in part. >> and dr. joya, very quickly,
5:33 pm
where is the legislation now on the hill? >> this legislation will be introduced by the d.c. government tomorrow, by council members mendelson and thomas. >> very good. dr. gerard joya, thanks so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. thank you. a deaf teenager is refusing to let her disability keep her away from her passion. ashley visited gallaudet university today to talk to students about overcoming being deaf. she was born deaf. she says she joined the hearing world to race motorcycles but she wants deaf students to know they can be just as successful. ashley, by the way, won a gold medal in the x games and several other cycling championships. if motor cross isn't your style, d.c. is kicking off its bike sharing program. this is the first phase of bicycles now available for anyone to ride through the district and arlington by the end of october there will be 1100 bikes on the streets. not only will they give people a new and healthy way to get around d.c., they will also cut down on pollution. you can sign up on,
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just click on web links. a group of economists is declaring the recession ended more than a year ago but president obama is still defending his economic policies and talking about efforts to revive the economy ahead of the midterm elections. meanwhile, republicans are preparing to release their own economic message this week. fox's craig boswell reports. >> reporter: president obama says while the economy is moving in the right direction, the recovery remains too slow and many americans would disagree with the declaration by a group of academic economists today that the recession ended in june of last year. >> for the millions of people who are still out of work, people who have seen their home values decline, people who are struggling to pay the bills day to day, it's still very real for them. >> reporter: during a town hall in washington, the president compared the debate over the soon to expire bush tax cuts to the choices voters face in november. >> all we have said is that you get those tax breaks up to $250,000 a year. after that, if you make more than $250,000 a year, you still
5:35 pm
get a tax break, it's just you only get it up to 250,000. >> reporter: republicans want the cuts extend todd all income brackets -- extended to all income brackets and so do some democratic lawmakers. >> i imagine that number will grow, that in the days and weeks to come, it could be more than 31 but that is enough to put the math at risk. >> reporter: republicans need 10 seats in the senate and 39 in the house to take control of the congress and g.o.p. leaders say with the midterms in about six weeks, voters are focused on the tax cuts along with jobs and the economy. >> the economic policies of this administration have failed. we are pushing the third year in a row of more than a trillion dollar deficit and the american people are focused where they ought to be focused. >> reporter: after a democratic fundraiser in pennsylvania tonight, president obama plans at least four campaign style rallies before november 2nd. republicans plan to roll out a package of economic priorities for the elections this thursday. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. bill gates is one of the
5:36 pm
world's richest men but his kids won't always live like royalty. in a recent interview gates says he won't be leaving most of his fortune to his three children. instead, gates says he'll leave them enough money so they will be comfortable but will still need to work. he believes leaving the children the whole $50 billion wouldn't be good for them or for society. gates is planning on giving most of his money to charity. very admiral. >> i think. here we go again, lindsay lohan adds midst on twitter she -- admits on twitter she failed a drug test. >> and already a bench warrant out for her arrest. tmz working this story live in l.a. in a couple of minutes. plus the coliseum in rome on flames. who would set one of the most historic sites on fire? don't miss the details behind this next.  ring ring. progresso.
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my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel or restaurant workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. our job is to listen and find ways to help. that means working with communities. restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. and our efforts aren't coming at tax-payer expense. i know people are wondering-- now that the well is capped, is bp gonna meet its commitments? i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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a big food fight but all in the name of good fun in milwaukee. take a look. this mess is actually the fourth annual tomato romp. 200 people hurl rotten tomatoes at each other. one person described it as feeling like jumping into a pool of tomatoes. the day started with a bloody mary contest featuring mixes from 11 different bars. >> sounds like a good day to me. one of the world's most historic sites appeared to be engulfed in flames. this of course the coliseum in rome and you can see what looks like fire here inside the 2000- year-old structure, a danish husband and wife team used huge brokers to create -- projectors to create the fake flames to make it look like it was on fire. it is not on fire. they hope to spark a debate about how fragile our culture
5:41 pm
sites are. that brings attention. >> yes. nothing to complain about in our weather department. an absolutely gorgeous day as we have been saying, sun shining, cool breeze out there. >> what's in store for the workweek? gary is finishing up the five- day forecast. it is coming your way just ahead. 
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5:44 pm
a big push today in the food industry calling for the senate to pass the food safety modernization act. the bill one an effort to prevent food -- is an effort to prevent food contamination. the fda would get the power to order mandatory recalls. >> the seemingly endless number of foodborne illness and outbreaks and recalls of contaminated products that have occurred demonstrate a clear need for this legislation. >> the food and beverage industry and safety groups are calling for the senate to vote on the measure this week. speaking of food, a
5:45 pm
landmark decision about food is landing on the fda's table. should genetically engineered salmon be approved for human consumption? fox 5's reporter melanie alnwick taking a look at this debate. >> reporter: supporters say adding a growth hormone gene will mean a more abundant salmon supply in the future. opponents believe not enough study has been done to ensure its safety. if the aqua advantage salmon is approved it will be the first genetically created animal created for food use. this is a popular choice on many plates but tough to find it in the wild anymore. much of the atlantic salmon sold in the u.s. comes from commercial fish farms. now the fish farming company aqua bounty has figured out a way to put a growth hormone gene into atlantic salmon eggs. the gene mix makes the hatch
5:46 pm
rings go photograph -- hatchlings grow faster and better in an environment. >> we think it's a safe alternative to meet the growing needs of the growing population. >> it's been shown genetically engineered substances and animals, the health problems develop over time. >> reporter: groups like the alliance for natural health and consumers union are raising concerns about whether the gene increases the risk of allergic reaction and if consumers could ingest the growth hormone. >> the science was so poorly done with small sample sizes that we don't know. >> reporter: consumers union says data was derived from samples of less than 75 fish, aqua bounty stands by its science. >> we have produced a tremendous amount of data, that data has been reviewed in a very robust, rigorous scientific review by the fda and their conclusions are that this food is as safe to consume as the traditional food and indistinguishable from the traditional food. >> reporter: an fda advisory committee is debating the data
5:47 pm
now. the next issue is labeling. aqua bounty believes it should be voluntary. consumers union does not. >> we did a survey last year of the u.s. population not just consumer reports readers and we found 95% said any meter milk from a genetically engineered animal should be labeled. >> reporter: if the fda approves the aqua advantage salmon, it will be a first for human food but by no means the last in the brave new world of genetically modified animals. there is a public hearing tomorrow in rockfield on that labeling issue. the advisory committee gives its recommendation to the food and drug administration, there will be a period to review public comments and an environmental assessment before the fda makes a final decision but certainly i think whenever that decision comes, it will not be the end of the debate. >> very interesting. melanie alnwick, thanks very much. no debating the weather today. absolutely fabulous. people giving you high fives. nice day for you. >> you walk in today and everyone is applauding.
5:48 pm
>> metaphorically speaking. i didn't get any real high fives. hey, there we go, high five. it's going to be good. it was a great weekend. it was good today, it's perfect tomorrow. i mean nearly perfect. i don't know how you dined perfect in the weather -- you define perfect in the weather. this weekend we have a warmup coming our way. instead of talking high 80s, low 80s, we are going to be talking high 80s, low 90s. summertime coming back at least for a few days later this week. just perfect out there this evening. here's what's going on this evening, though. temperatures in the 70s, lower 70s, 7:00, 9:00, 11:00 temperatures down into the 60s believe it or not, tomorrow morning is going to be very, very cool out there. 40s out for the suburbs, high pressure centered just to the north of us and when you get this type of setup, again, the clear skies, the relatively light winds and the high pressure right in the neighborhood and that allows those temperatures to really drop on down. it's chilly tonight, 55 here in
5:49 pm
the city but you get outside of the city and easily some of these numbers could be as much as eight, 10 degrees colder than what we have here in town tonight so san tillie, i think 48 degrees, 46 germantown, 51 fredericksburg. 3:00, 4:00 in the morning the temperatures start dropping out into the 40s. gaithersburg, 75, washington 80, temperatures right now, okay, and it's pretty much where we are going to be for highs tomorrow too. frederick burg coming -- fredericksburg coming in at 85 degrees. the heat building too. little rock right now 97 degrees, wichita 90 degrees, lincoln, nebraska, 91 and st. louis, 89. so here is the core of the heat, not for tomorrow, but getting into wednesday, that's when we start to really warm things up and it looks like to thursday, friday that we are going to have some very, very hot conditions around here. clear for us. let me show you some of the
5:50 pm
parts of igor as it's moving off to the north and to the northeast. still a hurricane but it will be weakening over the next 24 hours or so and again, just provided some rough surf along our beaches. here is the warm front and again on the other side of that warm front that's where the hot stuff is living right now. it gets here, middle part of the week. until then, we are going to be doing good under this area of high pressure. look how it protects us. at least from any rain or clouds. that doesn't mean we don't want some rain but we have a next best chance for some showers, maybe a thunderstorm will be in here on wednesday, thursday. there's going to be a frontal -- front in the area and along that will be some showers and some thunderstorms. still a bit of a question on how much of that will be able to come in if any. right now showers, thunderstorms in the forecast for wednesday night, thursday. but again that's not guaranteed that we are going to get any rain. tomorrow beautiful, mild, sunny, look how cool we start. 59 in the city.
5:51 pm
it will be potentially lower 50s at 8:00 out in the suburbs. we warm up into the middle 70s at noon and under sunny skies tomorrow, high temperatures reaching 79 to 80 degrees. wednesday, thursday look pretty good. just hot. 87 on wednesday, 89 on thursday, about the same for friday. and right now we are hoping that we don't have to warm thursday and friday up into the lower 90s but that is at least a possibility. >> summer is not over yet. >> lows in the 69 or 70, we can do that. >> that's exactly right. it won't be too terribly humid but a little bit more humidity coming back with the heat. now to the talk of the town on tmz. lindsay and paris in trouble yet again. tmz's harvey levin is live. paris hilton in court on drug charges from vegas today. how did she plea? >> pled guilty to cocaine possession, shawn and also obstruction of justice. the big thing is she got a year in jail, a year's probation,
5:52 pm
excuse me, and the question can she stay out of trouble for the year. we don't have an answer to that but shawn i can tell you that when you look at the video we have of her in court, i am telling you, on the show tonight you will believe us when we tell you, she was flirting with that judge. >> we are looking at some of the video right now, harvey. we can see her kind of batting her lashes there. i think people are trying to figure out, you know, she admitted she did it. how did she get away with no jail time at all? >> well, see, she -- it's not unusual in a situation like this. that's not at all unusual with the amount of cocaine that was there and her record and what not. what's dicey here is the probation that there are some people i've been talking to who said she might have been better pleading to a felony and not getting probation and then maybe getting the felony reduced over time because if paris hilton gets in trouble again, if she smokes a joint in the next year, she is going to go to jail for a long time and
5:53 pm
that's very dangerous. >> it will be interesting to see how that one works out. last week we learned that lindsay lohan of course failed that court ordered drug test. she even admitted to it on twitter. now a judge we understand has issued an arrest warrant. what happens next in this case? >> well, she is in trouble. the judge issued a warrant, has said basically he will not put her in custody unless -- if she doesn't show up in court on friday at 8:30. but her probation has been revoked. we broke the story on friday that she failed two drug tests, one for cocaine, another for amphetamines and she is in big trouble. at the very least she could get 60 days for those two failed drug tests. >> speaking of being in a little bit of trouble, paparazzi made a citizens arrest to russell brand at lax on friday. what happened 72. >> russell says one of the photographers was shooting up katy perry's skirt and that set him off and he pushed a
5:54 pm
photographer up -- his camera into the guy's head and gave him a black eye so the photographer made a citizen's arrest. russell was arrested for misdemeanor battery and of course took off, russell brand's style from the jail in a limo. my guess is no jury is going to convict this guy. >> yeah, if people aren't watching and don't know, katy perry, russell brand, they are a couple so he was protecting his girlfriend. thanks so much for joining us we will see you at 6:30 for tmz on tv. let's head over to brian bolter for a look at what's next at 6:00. >> coming up in six minutes, tea party candidates making their presence felt across the country but is it the movement for the g.o.p. or a threat? tonight analysts weigh in on the family fraud brewing ahead of the midterm -- feud brewing ahead of the midterm elections. all new on the edge, why antigay groups and some military chaplins say they want the law to stand. and it helps to reduce emissions, get people in shape, find out who is teaming up to
5:55 pm
make a popular program in the district the largest of its kind in the country. we will see you at 6:00. ]
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
honors today at the u.s. holocaust memorial museum for two men who saved thousands of jews during world war ii by giving them citizenship in he will salvador. tens of thousands of these certificates were handed out by two men, jose arturo kasiannos and george mateo. the nazis didn't want to jeopardize with latin america. despite saving so many people, these certificates arrived too late. his heart break changed the course of the nazi genocide. >> and he gave these authority and the entire documents to the swiss press and they work sensorship and for the first
5:59 pm
time the swiss papers who totally ignored the concentration camps, extermination gassing, nobody spoke of it because a shroud of silence over there and then suddenly in one week 200 newspaper items appeared and even the new york times two weeks later wrote an item. >> he says that publicity effectively ended the deportations because the world found out more about what was happening. thanks so much for joining us tonight at 5:00. the news edge at 6:00 starts right now. this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. >> straight up, is an uncivil war breaking out in the republican party? with tea party candidates winning upsets against established g.o.p. names the war of words appears to be ramping up but is the family feud enough to derail republicans on their quest for victory this november? tom fitzgerald reports. >> reporter: prent

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